If you're considering plastic surgery, having a support system of loving friends and family can go a long way toward helping you recover. And who better to help you get through the experience than a loved one who is going through the same thing?

Good Morning America recently covered the story of an adventurous mother and daughter who, after embarking on countless escapades around the world together, decided that they were ready to take on a new challenge that could benefit both of their lives - getting plastic surgery.  Lynda Trentholme, a 65-year-old Montreal woman, and her 38-year-old daughter Stefanie both had specific procedures in mind to battle the respective signs of aging they were facing.

Lynda had an issue that plagues many Tennessee women in their older years - the development of sagging skin below the chin. This is a common occurrence, since skin naturally loses its elasticity over time. However, a neck lift can help restore the strength of jaw lines and get rid of a feature that makes so many mature women self-conscious.

Stefanie, meanwhile, was reportedly more concerned about her figure, and wanted to get body-based procedures including a breast lift and liposuction to restore her chest and waist to their former prime.

"I thought this would be a nice thing for us to do together because we could be a support system," Stefanie told the source, explaining that she looked forward to spending a few days simply hanging out with her mom while the two recovered from their respective operations.

The show checked in with the relatives a few months after they had work done, and reported that both women were delighted with the results. As a result, they had the energy and confidence to embark on further travels together.

Certain signs of aging can make any woman feel insecure, no matter how confident she seems to be. By getting plastic surgery together, these Montreal ladies were able to address their long-held concerns about their figures while deepening their bond.